The Latest in Aerial Lift Innovations

We asked experts from two leading equipment manufacturers: “What are some recent innovations in aerial lift technology, when it comes to tree care?”

Here’s what they had to say:

Joe Caywood

Director of Marketing/Terex Utilities

The Terex Hi-Ranger XT Pro Series Tree Trimmer trucks design focuses on simplicity and reliability. Examples of low-maintenance features include: full-pressure hydraulics; leveling chains that extend replacement intervals to 10 years; elbow cylinders retracted in stowed position that provide protection from road grime and round pedestals for easier bolt inspection and torqueing. In the last year, Terex has introduced two new technologies for aerial devices. The Terex Load Alert system monitors the platform capacity — if an overload is detected, visual and/or audible alarms located at the boom tip and ground level alert the crews. This monitoring and warning enhances safe work practices and allows fleet managers additional information to operate their fleets. Second, the new HyPower IM provides a cost-effective solution to mitigate engine idling and reduce fuel usage. The integrated system automatically switches from plug-in, battery-stored power when the truck is idling to engine-supplied power when hydraulic controls are engaged. HyPower IM is engaged automatically when the truck is put into park and when hydraulic controls are engaged. This means that tree care workers don’t have to take physical action to switch from engine to battery power, providing an affordable solution for companies investing in green fleets.

Joshua Bacci

General Manager/ALT Sales Corp.

ALT Sales Corp. is in constant pursuit of innovative ways to help our tree customers work safely and more efficiently. For example, on a traditional boom truck, wiring is outside of the boom, potentially snagging branches and damaging wiring or the tree. We can offer internal and radio anti 2 blocks, providing the ability to get right up against the tree without fear of damaging critical components. ALT also offers units that are SAIA/ANSI A92.2 dual-rating aerial lift configured. This affords the operator the ability to efficiently switch from lifting capabilities to aerial work without the need for test weights, or an additional machine. We believe the best boom truck is the one that’s customized for each individual customer’s needs. Since ALT has forged relationships will multiple manufacturers, we are able to maximize the options available throughout a customer’s buying process.

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